Make Kick Ass Interactive List Posts

Turn your blog into a traffic generating machine. 

Want more traffic, shares and links?
Create a list post.

It's hard to create great content. 

Getting people to read, share and link to your work.... 
Is even harder. 

There's a secret that the MOST SUCCESSFUL bloggers and content marketers know. 

They use proven content frameworks to write. 
These frameworks that get shared. The content predictably gets links.

Lists posts are one of these power frameworks.

Now, the frameworks themselves aren't secret.
I wrote a post covering the 12 power frameworks here.

The secret's not in the ingredients, but in the recipe and execution.
Because of that, how you design and present the post are just as important as what you write...

A list can be great on it's own.  
Make a great list and you will get shares and links.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn't have to struggle to get shares and links to your list.

What it would feel like to to do less content promotion and get MORE people talking?

Uber List taps into the powerful psychology of lists and combines it with interactive content. And automatically formats your post to make it look share-worthy.

Because your reader can sort, filter and see your favorite list items, your content stands out.

With Uber List, your content is 10x more valuable than a regular list post. 

Lists get the most combined links and shares of any type of post that you can create. 

You've GOT to create the list a certain way. 
That's where UBER List comes in... 

Uber List turbo-charges the power of a list.

The interactive content and shareable design makes your content 10x more valuable

I created Uber List because I was struggling for a solution.  One that would save me time designing and formatting my list post each and every time.  
I wanted to focus on writing and making great content.  
Not on recreating the wheel for design. 

So yeah... Uber List does that.  
It lets you put out more high quality content, more easily. 

But what makes Uber List Posts Value-bombs is that they're interactive and can be filtered and sorted. 

The more valuable your stuff, the more it will get shared and linked to.  
And bottom line -the more traffic it you'll get.  

Make your interactive list post in minutes

Make an interactive list post in under 2 minutes. 

Start with a high performance format and quickly make it your own. 

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  1. What happens if I don't renew? 
    You'll stop getting any new updates.  And you won't be able to get support if you need it. 
    But, you'll be able to keep the plugin version you have.  All the posts you have will continue to work. 
    We'll never mess with any of the work or posts you already have 
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