Learn how to make a killer landing pages (even if you suck at design, copy or coding)

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Learn how to code a landing page for your in just 3 hours

(even if you've never written a lick of code in your life)

Meet Jarvis... your tutor

Here's what you'll learn

  1. Use chrome developer tools to edit this (foundation based) template

    We'll go through step by step how to customize the template for your product. You'll learn the basics of the foundation framework, which will help us create a mobile responsive page.
  2. Integrate your autoresponder with "2 step" email caputure

    The smart marketers over at leadpages have tested the 2 step process and it works like gangbusters. You'll learn how to setup your own with your autoresponder.
  3. Add Analytics and Facebook Tracking

    The only way to know how well your page is doing is to track visitors and signups. Plus we'll add a facebook pixel so you can run ads, create custom audiences and retarget.
  4. Video or image for the Hero background (pro version)

    If a picture is worth a 1000 words... A video can be worth a million. Show customers what your product can do and get them to sigup right away.
  5. Add exit intent popup (pro version)

    Exit intent popups work. Give your visitor's extra incentive to signup to your email list.
  6. Add countdown timer (pro version)

    Add urgency to a beta test or presell offer. Limited time only works wonders.
  7. Learn how to code 2 other templates, using bootstrap and flexbox (Ultimate version)

Who Should Take The Course?

Anyone can. But it was specifically designed for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers

Building an email list is the key to growth... just ask Bryan Harris. His first product launch lost $1,308 dollars.

Why? Because He didn't have a list.

With a list his next launch, he made $25,000 dollars. Bryan's advice to get your fist 100 subscribers? Ask them by email, facebook messenger or by phone.

But after that you need more automated ways to build your list. You need a landing page.

  • What are landing pages used for?

    • Launch/test new businesses
    • Generate Leads
    • Warm up customers
    • Run contests
    • Direct Sales
  • Who exactly should take the course?

    • Startup founders
    • Marketers
    • Product creators
    • Bloggers
    • Freelancers
    • Authors
    • Course Creators
  • Learn

    • Foundation basics
    • Landing page design essentials
    • How to launch your landing page quickly

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Don't let your design scare customers away. Quickly and easily make an awesome landing page for your startup.

What if I want you to create the page for me?

It's ok if the course isn't for you.
Here are the services we offer

  • Landing pages

    We'll help craft compelling copy to get your visitors to take action. Then design a designing a high converting, responsive page from scratch, just for you. Typical conversion rates range from 30% - 60%

  • Leadpages Templates

    Do you use leadpages? But can't find a template that exactly fits your copy? Unfortunately as awesome as leadpages is, it's not as flexible as it should be and it takes special skills to create a leadpages templates. Get the landing page you want, backed by the powerful leadpage templating and leadcapture features.

  • Facebook Ads

    You've created your page. Now you need traffic. Capture emails from a well crafted facebook campaign. Optimized to get traffic from your target audience at a good cost per lead. Typical lead costs are under a dollar per lead.

  • A/B Testing

    Could your page be doing better? Could you be getting more emails for less money? The best way to find out is A/B testing. It can be complicated.
    what do you test? how long should you run the test? How do you know if it's a winner or a false positive? Let us help.

Who uses our landing pages?

“Took a basic concept and brought it to life for my landing page; result went far beyond what I hoped. Incredible follow-up and support. Worth many times what I paid. Highly recommend."

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Have questions? Or need help with your landing page? Email me at nick@mindheros.com