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Are you an Ecommerce Revolutionary?

Who are the “revolutionaries?”

The REVOLUTIONARIES ARE store owners, marketers, big brands, mom and pop shops, managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, teams; anyone who is dedicated to:

  1. Making a product they’re proud of
  2. That matters to the people they serve.
  3. Delivering an experience that’s best for the customer.

Producing products make a difference to your market.

Whether that’s a moment of pause delivered by a spinning top or a eye tracking to speech tech that gives a customer their voice back.

The Ecommerce Revolutionary believes that your customers aren’t there to serve you.

You serve first.

You matter.

You profit.

This dynamic means that you are completely aligned with the needs of your customer.  

Fundamentally we believe that the goal of business is to make happy customers. 

MAKE HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Create a “True Fans Factory.” Matter to them. Serve them as if they were the only people left on earth. – Andre Chaperon

This is the driving force for revolutionaries.

People like us.

Most ecommerce companies are so busy promoting their average stuff, so busy hustling for an edge, a shiny new tactic, that they eek by because they fail to realise that the most powerful option is to make the customer an advocate.

Get the customer to invite you into their world and share you with others.

Only 3 multipliers can grow ecommerce revenue

  1. Purchase Frequency (F)
  2. Average Order Value (AOV)
  3. Number of Customers

Improving one is meaningful.

Improving all three is multiplicative.

The one thing that is most impactful here is often least talked about.

It’s not sexy.

Customer retention.

Happy customers – true fans are repeat buyers (F) with higher AOVs.

How do you give every customer the same amazing experience that made the fans at scale?


…without sacrificing the human-to-human element that makes you matter.

OUR MISSION: We serve those who serve others. We help ecommerce stores no matter how big or small bridge the gap between creating products they’re proud of, that have the potential to impact the people they serve, and delivering an experience that helps create happy customers.

Conversational automation is a more human and impactful way to talk to and help your customers.

Not all chats should require a human.

Some do.

Automating the right parts makes customers happier than talking to a human.

Have you ever felt the frustration of navigating an FAQ section… can’t find the answer

Try the human only chat… They’re offline.

Call in.  “Your wait time is approximately 17 minutes”.

Need a receipt, a shipping update, a coupon, a quick FAQ question answered…
… customers shouldn’t have to wait for a response.

And along the way you’ll learn more about your customer’s needs and be able to better serve them.

If you’re ready to learn more about conversational automation…

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