If you had $250 per month to invest in your marketing budget, how would you spend it?



This was the question asked on inbound.org
I answered. So did some other very smart marketers.

You can check out the whole conversation. Here.
My Answer:

I'd figure out what was working best with the free tools I was using. Then try to make that more effective by paying for a service.

For example: If I was getting the best results by using Twitter search to find influences and people who liked my articles, to drive traffic to my site…

I might start paying for Buzzsumo. To make that part faster and even more efficient. ($100 bucks per month… but they'll give you a discount if you're a startup. So let's call it $50)

I'd get a freelancer on Upwork to get email addresses for all the twitter users that I found using Buzzsumo.

Assuming 500 addresses 5-15 cents per address. (I'm going to assume 5 cents because we have a limited budget)

=$25 for 500 emails

I'd be sending lots of outreach email. I'd use Yesware, to track and for mail merge.

$25/per month (because I want mail merge)

I'd pay for an email service provider like Aweber, or ActiveCampaign (my preference) and make sure I was doing content upgrades for each post. ( $9 bucks up to 500 contacts) + someone on Fivver to design my content upgrade pdf + 5 bucks.

Total so far $114.

I'd also create a Facebook group (Free) because they're awesome for building community and eventually sales. And start driving people there also. To gain traction, I'd spend $75 bucks on Facebook ads to get an initial influx of members.

I'd promote my content inside my group, in a helpful way.

(which incidentally is a strategy I've just started using with https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindheros.

from a boosted post I'm at just under $1 per new group member. We'll see if that holds)

I'd spend another $50 on FB ads to promote my article/post.

And the remainder on FB retargeting.

Promoting my group to those people who visited my post.


I might adjust a bit based on how much traffic I'm getting… I might end up upping the retargeting and lowering the fb ad spend to the post.

So there you go, $250 spent.

And hopefully quite a bit of traffic, subscribers and FB group members to show for it.

What would you do with $250 per month?
Let me know in the comments below.

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